Caputo Manitoba - Bread "stong 0"

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Since 1924, we have ground wheat with generosity and passion so as to offer professionals and baking connoisseurs the very best in quality flour, produced with great respect for the raw ingredients and traditions.
The experience developed over three generations as master napolitan millers means we can guarantee extremely high standards of quality as well as the preservation of the natural authenticity of flavours.
This is achieved thanks to techniques that use wheat alone, skilfully selected and mixed following a slow grinding process.
This is the art of Caputo, the mill of Naples.
'00' means that the flour has been milled twice so it is finer and of high quality. It also has a higher gluten content than plain flour so the mixture is stronger without being heavier, making it ideal for cakes, pasta, pizza dough, gnocchi and breads. Caputo is from Naples and used by top restaurants and chefs.

*Mainland UK only*

MANITOBA ORO - Strong for Breads, Pastries, Donuts, Croisants
Elastic flour 0 type with high protein content, ideal for making pastries and raised products.
Protein 14gr

Caputo Manitoba - Bread "stong 0"

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