Lentil of Colfiorito, Umbria 350g PACK. UK Only

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Produced ONLY in the high plains of Colfiorito in Umbria in the fertile earth once a lake which slowly dried leaving a unique micro climate and soil makeup. So many lentils are now in the shops - red, green, yellow, small, large and with no provenance or regionality, often coloured and with preservatives, and they just cannot live up to such high quality low productions like the Colfiorito Lentil.

With quality ingredients comes flavour. The flavour found only in an artisan product which has been cultivated for centuries in the same region. Use Colfiorito lentils and you lentil dish is suddenly transformed into a fine dish with depth of flavour, the same approach of Michelin star restaurants and top chefs the world over. Average ingredients make average dishes, no matter who cooks them!

The lentil is small and tender and naturally varies in colour from yellow to green to red and it needs no soaking, cooking from dry in just 20 minutes. It is superb 'in umido' cooked with some pancetta (bacon), onion and some broth. 350g packet for eating, not planting.

Lentil of Colfiorito, Umbria 350g PACK. UK Only

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Written by Daniele Taverna on 18th Aug 2021

Lentils from Colfiorito

These are beafutiful little lentils which will keep thir shape without mashing up either if you just boil them for a fresh salad or if you cook them in a pan maybe with some celery, pancetta and garlic. Easy and quick to prepare, they don't need pre-soaking.

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