Kaki Tree persimmon diospyros

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2.5 year old potted trees.

The kaki tree is an ancient variety originating from China, it expanded out to Japan and even into some European countries including Italy. The Caco or Kaki is also called the lotus of Japan, oriental apple or tree of the seven virtues and was chosen as tree of peace by the UN because it was the only tree that survived the Nagasaki atomic bomb in 1945. It can live over 50 years, is very rustic and hardy and so needs hardly any intervention and is also very ornamental. It can also resist up to 4 months at sub zero temperatures as well as thriving in sub tropical climates.


It prefers a well drained, deep soil but it will adapt to different soil conditions including clay, acid and alkaline. It will tolerate high calcium levels but doesnt cope well with high levels of salt or boron. The trees are 2 years old and sold in soil, not bare root. 2 year old potted trees.


Fruits mature usually during October and November but can stay on the tree for longer.


To prune, bear in mind that it will produce on the growth of that year so can be trimmed back in the winter. The fruit is very tasty to eat when it is left to full maturity and is soft, otherwise it will be bitter unlike Sharon fruit which can be eaten hard.


The fruits can be stored from 2-4 months at 0 to 2c and are high in beta carotene, vitamin C and potassium. It also gives energy with 65kcal per 100g thanks to a high level of natural sugars in the form of glucose. It should not be eaten in large numbers by diabetics but it is rich in fibre and has slight diuretic and laxative effects.

Self fertile, the trees are 2 years old and come in a large pot. We won't post them over a weekend as they are live products and the less time they spend in transit the better. Please ensure someone is at home (or have them delivered to work!) as a signature will be required.

Info on pollination of fruit trees but kaki will produce fruit on their own. https://www.botanical-online.com/english/fruittreespolination.htm 

Kaki Tree persimmon diospyros

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