Italian Guanciale for making Carbonara approx. 600g piece

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A Pork joel peice of approximately 600g, with pepper, from Castelvetro (MO) in Italy. Traditionally used for making Spaghetti alla Carbonara to give it that unique taste, but can also be used for many other dishes from sauces and omelettes to Amatriciana sauce or slice very thinly in place of bacon to make a GLT sandwich! Much like Pancetta. A little goes a long way. Gluten Free. 

Italian Guanciale for making Carbonara approx. 600g piece

Product Reviews

Written by Joss on 17th Oct 2021

So good

I cringe when I read reviews on other sites complaining there is too much fat. It is the fat that makes Guanciale! Of course, the first thing I did was carbonara. But then I used the rest in a pasta all'amatriciana. Delightful. We need more fresh products by post please!

Written by maggie thompson on 10th Apr 2021


'Nostalgia' in buckets, we have not tasted pork 'chap' ( Yorkshire term ) with all this flavour and sweetness since our Dad cured our own home reared piggies years ago.

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