Italian Gluten free Hamper

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*Mainland UK Only*

The Gluten Free Hamper contains the following natural products which are not only safe for celiac's to eat, but are regional and thoroughly delicious. Products come from Tuscany, Rome and Calabria:

- Walnut Choc Chip Biscuit/Cake Mix 250g. Ingredients: Grated coconut, sugar, chocolate chips. These biscuits are perfect with Tea, coffee and hot chocolate or with sweet wines like Vinsanto and Passito.

- Truffle Polenta 350gr ready in 5 minutes, easy and tasty. Ingredients: summer truffle, mais flour, truffle aroma.

- Natural Eat All Fruit & Flower Tisane Tea. The most amazing tea where you eat the fruit pieces after. Juicy, fruity and completely natural. When you've tried this tea you will be back for more. Contains: dog rose, apple, amarena cherry, raisins and completely natural flavourings.

- Italian Pine nuts 20g. These Mediterranean gems are not oily, can be up to twice as long as Chinese ones, are nutty with no black bits. They are super high quality and full of flavour with overtones of orange and pine and no oily flavour. In Italy we would use them to make Pesto Genovese, in cakes and deserts, in pasta toasted first they are unbelievable, with fish and salads.

- Organic Calabrian Bergamot Jam 350g. Thick 82% fruit, jams, fresh, citrussy with a natural sweetness, amazing on proper bread for breakfast, used to glaze lamb, eat with cheese.

Italian Gluten free Hamper

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