Organic Millefiori Flora Alpina Honey 250g

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Straight from the producer, the new organic honey from the apieries in the clean alpine mountains of Campertogno in Piemonte!

Organic Millefiori Flora Alpina Honey 250g

Product Reviews

Written by Melissa Segalov on 4th Jul 2021

Fabulous Honey!

I like a spoon full of honey in my Earl Grey Tea, as a pick me up.... Who would have thought I would notice any difference from this to generic. WRONG! This honey has such a lovely taste. Have bought more, and will continue doing so.

Written by maggie thompson on 8th Dec 2020

Flora Honey

This will be good, knowing this - we're making it a Christmas Stocking present for our son to put on his homemade bread!

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