European Pizza Supper Club 20th Mar 2020

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Arrive between 6pm-8.20pm. Doors close at 9pm.

Made with quality ingredients from all over Europe, our wood fired pizze will have an EU twist and the pro EU decorated surroundings will make you feel right at home. £12 gets you a handmade pizza & soft drink. Let us know if are vegetarian, vegan or Coeliac 

~ Handmade pizza with soft drink                              
£12. Classic pizza base made with Parma tomatoes, mozzarella (V), origano, plus:-

France (Compte/Gruvyere, Onion)

Milano (Gorgonzola, Walnut)

Spain (Chorizo, Artichoke)

Naples (Luganica Sausage, Mushroom)

Greece (Tuna (Organic), Feta, Onion (Organic), Capers, Black olives)*

Germany (Wurstel frankfurters and Sauerkraut)

Poland (Polish Kabanos and potato)

Anglo Italian (Porcini mushroom, Wiltshire ham)

Organic Med Veg (Veg/Vegan)

Margherita (Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Basil)*

Gluten Free or Vegan available on request


~ Cheese Board with homemade bread                                                   £4

~ Ratatouille                                                                                                    £2


~ Mini Sicilian cannoli (4 pcs)                                                                      £3

~ Illy Coffee                                                                                                     £2

~ Nutella pizza twist                                                                                      £3

~ Affogato (Ice cream in Illy espresso coffee)                                          £4

Specials may also be available.
Supper club venue - Reservations only.
If you have any ALLERGIES please ask a member of staff about ingredients.

European Pizza Supper Club 20th Mar 2020

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