1929 Endangered Heritage Veg Club

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Join our 1929 Endangered Veg club, inspired by the Franchi seeds 1929 seed catalogue - heritage and some endangered varieties with provenance and lost flavours. 

You will receive 3 seasonal deliveries of heritage and endangered vegetable seeds that need our support to survive - the ideal gift. Sticking them in a seed bank is only good as an insurance policy, but the best way to preserve them is to grow them. If the small number of producers left cultivating these varieties make a profit, then they will continue to produce the varieties.

We know some of them are endangered thanks to Slow Food (the largest food movement on the planet) who have a register of foods, varieties and ingredients that are at risk, called 'The Ark of Taste' https://www.fondazioneslowfood.com/en/ark-of-taste-slow-food/ 

3 seasonal deliveries containing (varieties subject to change):

Endangered veg packets (3x3)
Instructions and recipes
Lunar Calender Card

Spring (Sent Sent Feb/Mar):

Tomato san marzano (Vesuvius)
Cucumber Melone (Puglia)
Priests hat pumpkin (Parma) or Neapolitan Zucca Lunga Pumpkin

Summer (Sent Apr/May):

Escarole lettuce (Bergamo)
Carrot Parisier Market (Paris)
Bean Meraviglia di Venezia (Venice) or Borlotti bean of Saluggia (Piemonte)

Autumn (sent Jul/Aug):

Spinach Viroflay (Paris)
Red onion of Genova (Liguria)
Broad bean supersimonia (Abruzzo) 
Franchi Seeds are Slow Food UK, Vegetarian Society Vegan Approved and RHS Medal Winners
Franchi Veg seed catalogue from 1929. A lot of these varieties no longer exist.... lets save the ones we still have left.

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