Eden Project Chilli Pepper Pimiento de ‘Padron’ *SAVE £1* - Capsicum annuum

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**SAVE 60p** Was £2.89 - 16th century pepper brough back by Franciscan monks to Padron from Tabasco in Brazil!! Today in Galicia, Spain, padron chillies are thrown into a pan, tossed in hot olive oil until they blister, sprinkled with sea salt and served as tapas. They are superior quality and meaty, with an unrivalled flavour, and between 1 in 4 and 1 in 10 can be hot - the Russian roulette of chilli peppers where they say that 'one is hot and one is not'.  Traditionally they are eaten with beer – just in case!  @200 seeds / 1.5g

Annual: Sow in spring and early summer indoors in pots of seed compost. Plant outside in the ground or larger pots of potting compost when the risk of frost has passed. Chillies do really well in containers placed on a sunny patio, and make great edible ornamentals. At the end of the summer, bring them back indoors on a sunny windowsill to extend the season.

Eden Project Chilli Pepper Pimiento de ‘Padron’ *SAVE £1* - Capsicum annuum

Product Reviews

Written by Matt Halliday on 18th Nov 2021

Padron Chillies

First time growing chilies. Wasn't expecting much from these in Peterborough. UK to be honest but the germinated ok in a polytunnel and from then on kind of went a bit mad. I have 5 plants, and now - mid-November - about 24" across in tall 10" pots and still producing fruit and covered in flowers and buds! I have about 2 or 3 years' worth in the freezer, can't give them away fast enough, took them to all BBQs we got invited to and they went down well, and I still have another harvest to do this weekend. Probably won't grow as many next year but only because I don't need more chilies! They are attractive plants, pretty vigorous and seem to do very well. Chilies have a good flavour and grow to a good size, and freeze well.

Written by John on 16th May 2021

It’s Cold Up Here

Padron peppers, courgettes, tomatoes and basil don’t seem to thrive in North Yorkshire where I have lived for the past 21 years. Why did I ever leave Kent, where all of the above plants thrived? In spite of some frosty nights all of the above are just about surviving, albeit in a greenhouse. A smashing, quality product nevertheless. How about a prize draw for a greenhouse heater? Only those living North of the Watford Gap can enter.

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