Easy Salad Radish Burro Gigante

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A good red radish for dipping into salted butter and eating fresh.  I like radishes quite a lot, but you don't think of them as being Italian, but then you don't think of roast chicken as being Italian, and we eat those too !! They can be a bit limiting as to their uses because of their strong flavour and characteristics. Of course they are the classic salad vegetable, but are nice just eaten on their own with butter or salt too.  Radishes come in different shapes and sizes, and strengths too. Basically the general rule is that the white tipped ones are more peppery and the red ones less, but then there are also yellow, black and white varieties (aka Mouli).

Radishes don't like the heat and can go to seed, so that's why they are planted in the spring and in the autumn, but not sown during the summer. There are always exceptions to the rule though and this is the Polish Szlata (gold) radish variety which is sown continuously from spring to the autumn, even in the summer. This is just because it's so cold the rest of the year, that this particular variety has just adapted.

Just sow them 2cm down from Mar-Jun and again mid august to end Sept.  Water them as the bulb needs to swell so give them a drink when they need it (when the soil is dry).

Easy Salad Radish Burro Gigante

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