Easy Lettuce regina di Maggio "Mayqueen" *SAVE £1

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EASY20 - A good traditional open headed lettuce which grows more easily and is ideal for summer salads. Lovely soft leaves which melt in the mouth. Sow in the late spring and early summer.

Partnership plant: Carrot, Cauliflower & Cabbage, Cucumber, 
Chicory & Radicchio, Bean, FennelPepper,  Pea, Tomato, 
LeekRadish, Spinach.

What to sow after: Cauliflower & Cabbage, Cucumber, Bean, 
Aubergine, Melon, Pepper,  Pea, TomatoRadish, Courgette.

Easy Lettuce regina di Maggio "Mayqueen" *SAVE £1

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