Carnevale Italian Luganica Sausage 350g GF *MIN ORDER 2 PACKS PER FLAVOUR*

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*Red Tractor Certified* Delivered Fresh to us twice a week and in limited numbers. Vacuum packed. They don't have massively long dates (usually 5 days+).  Suitable to freeze. Made in the UK since 1966 using British pork to an Italian recipe by Italians.

Made using pure pork and seasoning with no bulking out, no breadcrumb or rusk, these are made the Italian way by Italians in the UK. Choose from fennel, chilli or plain with black pepper. 
Luganica are just one long thin sausage, usually cooked in one wheel on the grill or BBQ and then cut up afterward. You won't find these in the supermarket and if you did, you wouldn't find them easily at this price so pre-order yours now and  you can choose the plain as Luganica or Plain now.

Ingredients: Pork meat 96%, salt and pepper 0.25%, natural flavouring (fennel seeds or chilli or black pepper 0.25%) preservative E250 Sodium Nitrate, dextrose, sucrose, Antioxidant E300 asorbic acid, potato starch, dietary fibre, E223

Gluten free!! 

Carnevale Italian Luganica  Sausage 350g GF *MIN ORDER 2 PACKS PER FLAVOUR*

Product Reviews

Written by Jill Cherry on 21st Dec 2020

Carnevale Italian Luganica Sausage

Really delicious Italian style sausage. We have tried all the flavours - plain, fennel and chilli and they are all excellent. Love Seeds of Italy - great service and great products. Thanks.

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