Cameo 9 Cakes Mix 380g

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This mix is an easy aid to quickly prepare 9 different cakes, pastries and sponges. 

Inside the box there are recipes to make the following: 

Torta di Mele / Apple Pie
Torta Margherita
Ciambella Marmorizzata / Marble cake
Cheesecake ai mirtilli / Blueberry Cheesecake
Torta di Carote / Carrot Cake
Torta al Limone / Lemon Cake
Torta al Cacao / Chocolate Cake
Crostata / Jam Tart
Sbrisolona / 16th century Almond Cake

Ingredients: Wheat flour 00, sugar, raising agents: difosfato disodico, carbonato acido di sodio; aroma.

Could contain traces of Milk, Eggs, Shelled nuts, Soya

Cameo 9 Cakes Mix  380g

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