Calendula ‘Doppia Fiesta’ - Calendula officinalis

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This vibrant mix of colours certainly lives up to its name, providing a kaleidoscope of oranges, yellows, reds and creams with contrasting centres. Traditionally, in Italy and Spain, the marigold was used in festivals to celebrate the Virgin Mary. Calendula is also called a pot marigold as it was often used in the kitchen.  Add a few flower petals to salads and desserts to add colour and flavour.  Calendulas wild relative grows in rocky wastelands around the Mediterranean, so it will thrive in the poorest soils.

Annual. Grow in containers, sunny borders, as an edging plant and even as an aromatic herb in your vegetable garden as a decorative companion plant which may help deter pests.  Sow from February to the end of May, in full sun or partial shade, for flowering June to the end of October. Dead-head (remove faded blooms) to prolong the flowering period.
This variety is perfect for cutting
Height: 40 cm

Approximate seeds quantity: @400

Calendula Officinalis

Calendula ‘Doppia Fiesta’ - Calendula officinalis

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