Calabrian Orange jam with fondant chocolate 240g

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65% Calabrian Orange mixed with dark chocolate. I think that is all the description this product needs. The oranges are grown locally in Calabria and once open it should be kept in a fridge. This is not a mass produced product, but artisan by a small producer.
This Orange and Chocolate jam is perfect to be spread on a slice of bread or to fill a cake, to give you the sprint for a good start of the day.
240g jar.

Calabrian Orange jam with fondant chocolate 240g

Product Reviews

Written by Alan Murray on 9th Sep 2020


I bought this a few months ago. It has a sell by date of 30/9/2022 and has not yet been opened. However mould has now appeared at the top of the jar and is now spreading through the product.

Written by Judith Basham on 20th Aug 2020

Calabrian Orange jam

If you are a fan of chocolate with orange, you will enjoy this product. I took a small spoonful, nice; but the jury was still out. Then with a toasted sourdough baguette slice, smeared with salted butter: Magic!

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