Black Chickpea from Mussomeli Sicily - UK Only

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(for eating!!) Based in Mussomeli between Corleone and Caltanissetta in Sicily, Calogero Bonfante grows these local black chickpeas himself which date back to the last century. They are unique with an excellent flavour, and they often replaced meat as they are so rich in protein and iron and are light coloured inside, black on the outside. Sown completely by hand and then the earth is simply turned over the seeds. Only organic fertilisers are used and grown using traditional methods. Eat with sundried tomatoes and rocket, in salads and as a side dish (once cooked) drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice, in soups and stews.

Because it is not very productive, it is no longer produced very much so by eating it you are ensuring it will continue for future generations. 500g

Black Chickpea from Mussomeli Sicily - UK Only

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Written by Janet on 3rd Oct 2021

Cece nero

Delicious basis for vegetarian meals. I suspect that being black, they might be high in flavonoids! Happy to help keep old varieties alive.