Beef Tomato ‘Red Pear Franchi’(A) Solanum Lycopersicum L.

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This is one of Franchis own cultivars from the hilly countryside of Bergamo. It is large, sweet, succulent, and a prolific fruiter – one of the best beef tomatoes around. Slice with local creamy Taleggio (a gorgeous semi-soft Italian cheese), drizzle with Lombardia olive oil, add a pinch of salt, and serve with a good hunk of rustic bread – an authentic meal fit for a king! These regional heritage varieties have real flavour and have been used in Italy for generations.

Annual. Sow from February to May in pots of seed compost in a greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill. Plant out into pots of potting compost when large enough to handle. Transfer into larger pots of rich compost, grow bags or direct in well-fertilized soil outside or under glass allowing 30cm between plants. Stake, begin feeding when two trusses (flowering branches) have appeared and pinch out side-shoots.

Approximate seeds quantity: @150
Sow: From February to May
Growing habit: Indeterminate (Cordon)
Fruits weight: up to 230g. 

Beef Tomato ‘Red Pear Franchi’(A) Solanum Lycopersicum L.

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