Basil - Basilicum Foglia Lattuga Leben

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A Wonderful Southern Italian Lettuce leaf basil 'Foglia di Lattuga' with leaves bigger than your hand. In southern Italy (where it is currently snowing heavily from Sicily to Calabria to Sardinia) that is where the hardy buffalo are kept and so this leaf is traditionally used to wrap mozzarella, a drizzle of olive oil and a wonderful piece of real bread, a glass of vino....... This is the soul of Italian food, 'Cucina povera' or peasant food, just like a good Lancashire hotpot, a Cornish Pastie PGI or a Cassoulet in France etc. Simple, wholesome, regional, LOCAL! 

Approximate seeds quantity: @1000 seeds in the packet.
To be sown from March to July directly in the ground and all year long inside.

Basil - Basilicum Foglia Lattuga Leben

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