Ariosto Carni Arrosto E Ferri - Meat Roasts/Grills 80g UK Only

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Ariosto is the seasoning brand in Italy from the stylish city of Milan, made using only fresh herbs with absolutely no additional ingredients or preservatives.Simply sprinkle on a cook and a spoonful will season about 1kg of meat. Sprinkle on Chicken, beef, lamb, rabbit, pork, plus the Christmas Turkey or any meats you're about to roast or grill.
Ariosto Carni Arrosto E Ferri - Meat Roasts/Grills 80g UK Only

Product Reviews

Written by PIERA ADAMO on 22nd Nov 2021


I am Italian and for decades I have been seasoning potatoes and meats with Ariosto for Roasts. There is no similar product on both the Italian and British markets. I really can't do without it! I am very happy to be able to buy it in the UK.

Written by PIERA ADAMO on 26th May 2021


I am Italian and have been using Ariosto (meat) for decades. When I moved to the UK 15 years ago I tried to find a similar product but, unfortunately, the taste was totally different. Finally, after contacting the Company in Italy, I was directed to a seller in the UK, so for some years I have also bought 10 Ariosto for meat, even twice a year. Regarding the other similar Ariosto products, for fish, potatoes, etc., in my experience I must say that the one for meat is perfect for any food, but as I said I am Italian ... Perfectly satisfied with the product, which I would really like to find in the supermarket!

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