Ancient Flour 'Grano Duro' Russello 1 KG Sicily

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Origin: Sicily, created from a wheat called Taganrog.

Caratteristiche: Ideal for making making cakes, pasta and bread which are very digestible and can be stored for many days. Contains only 6-7% gluten and is high in protein at 10-15%. The ears of the wheat have a very distinctive red colour which gives rosey colour to the bread's crust. 

Use: bread, pasta and sweets.

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Ancient Flour 'Grano Duro' Russello 1 KG Sicily

Product Reviews

Written by Lindsey Almkvist on 3rd Jan 2022


Lovely superfine flour… used in all culinary opportunities. Crumbles, pastry, sauces. Recommended

Written by Paula on 3rd Jan 2022

Great nutty loaf

Lovely loaf made with this and worked well in the bread maker. Nice flavour and texture. Would purchase again without hesitation.

Written by Mark Palmer on 4th Feb 2021

Farina Grano Duro Russello

Made a fabulous loaf. Quite dear compared with supermarket flour, but worth it. Excellent.

Written by Tony Newcombe on 25th Jan 2021

Farina Grano Duro Russello

I've been baking bread over the last 10 years and this flour is special - a lovely texture and taste

Written by Karina Reed on 21st Jan 2021

Ancient Flour Farina Grano Duro

This flour has a lovely deep flavour and gives a good crust. Will buy again

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