Alfa-Alfa Organic Sprouting Seeds

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We are pleased to introduce back into our range a selection of sprouting seeds, and not just the same old suspects either. New varieties like sunflower, onion sprouts, leek and pea are more foodie whilst we also offer the really traditional ones like cress, afalafa and mungbean. But whichever variety you go for, you know that they are a super food and a simple way to be healthy.  £2.49 per packet.

It is important always to use seeds which are clean and produced for that sole purpose. Sprouting seeds have huge health benefits and are easy to grow safely at home using a sprouter you buy in the shops or even egg boxes with cotton wool or on blotting paper as we used to do at school!

Alfa alfa - Medicago sativa L.  approximately 15,000 seeds in the pack £2.49 per packet.

Alfa-Alfa Organic Sprouting Seeds

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